LASERING designs, manufactures and sells around the world cost-effective and high-performance laser systems based on the very latest clinical research and cutting-edge technology. With family of products, technology and support services, LASERING has been helping physicians to capitalize on the unique and growing opportunities on the laser market since 1994. Over the years, LASERING has contributed to the development of medical practices with exceptional laser solutions able to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of patients. The company quality management is certified according to the standard ISO 13485. Lasering products have the CE mark as a medical device in compliance with the European Directive 93/42/ EEC and are certified FDA 510 (k).



Establishment of Lasering s.r.l.

Development of CO2 laser systems for dermatology and surgery.

Introduction of SLIM, the first truly-portable high-power compact CO2 laser system, onto the world market.

Evolution of CO2 laser systems with the introduction of the SLIM EVOLUTION range.

Introduction of the first VELURE diode laser system for epilation.

Development of VELURE S8 and S9 the new generation of diode laser systems for epilation, vascular lesions and endovenous treatments.

Introduction of diode laser systems “D” series dedicated to dental treatments and dental bleaching.

Presentation of VELURE S5 the doubled-frequency (LBO) diode pumped solid-state laser system for vascular lesions.

Development of the high-power diode laser system VELURE S800 for epilation.

Introduction of MIXTO SX the first patented CW-Chopped technology CO2 Fractional system with Microspots worldwide.

Presentation of SLIM EVOLUTION II CO2 laser enhanced by the MIXTO PRO Fractional system.

Presentation of VELURE S9/1064 diode laser system for onychomycosis.

Presentation of VELURE S9/940 high-power (150W) diode laser system at 940nm for vascular lesions “total body“.

Presentation of KJU the new Q-Switched laser system for removal of tattoos and pigmented lesions.

Development of Venezia Lift the novel soft-ablative system for Tissue Rejuvenation based on Fractional CO2 laser with CW-Chopped patented technology.